Young Bruce Willis

That punk rap angst I was searching for. Hallelujahs


#ThrowbackThursday – “Party”

I start every show with this song. Partying sometimes has a negative connotation, but I don’t think it has to. Life is short. If you’re not having fun, what are you doing. I mean seriously…. Mixing and additional production by my friend & mentor Joe Warlick. He is the Frequency Monster & We have several special records dropping very shortly… Vroom vroom folks.

New Year, New Name, S.O.S.


Welcome. I feel like I spent the entire 2017 just prepping for the present day. I will forever be Danny Newport, however I have made the executive decision to change my stage name to “Sophisticated Veneers”, to help me better represent my artistry.¬† This go around I will show my versatility (rap to country music) & my constant growth in production¬† & songwriting.


So please, I welcome you to join me on my journey of self expression. I truly believe just being here is the greatest blessing of all and hope my energy becomes contagious. In a world full of horses, be a Show Pony.